Shemag Privacy Policy

Shemag understands the need and importance of privacy and the value of information shared by any individual on our website. Any and every information collected from the readers on our website remain safe and never utilized for any unethical purpose, nor is shared with any third-party for any reason whatsoever. Information collected on are for internal purpose only and meant for enhancing the user experience without compromising trust of our readers. The following details provide information about the information collected from our readers and how they are utilized.

What information is collected?

  • Contact details: Contact details include email address, contact number, name, and/or any other details entered via any form within the website or while providing us limited access to the public profile of any user.
  • Technical details: This includes details such as IP, ISP, location, web browser details, operating system details, device details, and other relevant details in reference to use of the website by any particular reader.
  • Other details: This includes any other details shared explicitly or implicitly by the user of the website and includes, but not limited to, any details shared via post, blog comment, or any engagement activity during the visit of the website.

How do we use the information?

Shemag only uses the information for the purpose of enhancing the experience of the user of the website. The usage statistics collected is used to provide better service in future. Contact details are used for the purpose of contacting any user for resolving an issue or providing feedback in response to some query or for the purpose of providing updates. Every data collected is for internal use only.

Third-party redirects

In case the reader is redirected to any third-party website/application through any link from this website, the aforementioned Privacy Policy will cease to be in effect and the third-party Privacy Policy will be applicable.