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Meet Mayven, St. Petersburg

Dream Girl: She would be laid back but career oriented and driven with her own hobbies and interests. My dream girl would be highly intelligent with a great ense of humor and a taste for adventure. Her style would be unique and she’d be into all types of music. I would hope for her to be understanding and supportive of my career. Physically fit but still curvy, a great smile and good body art. She could be Femme, Butch, or anything in between.
My pets: My Kitty; Sir Franklin D. Cuddle-Biscuit (Biscuit for short).
Dream Job: To own my own dance studio and performance theater/lounge.
My mother thinks I: Am Amazing! I am proud to say that although my mother doesn’t agree with all of my life choices, she still supports me no matter what. I love her and she is a huge part of my life.
Sensitive body parts: Neck and hips.
Turn-ons: Intelligence, inner beauty, fit but curvy body, a great laugh, a great smile.
Turn-offs: Cockiness, complainers, no ambition, too vulgar.
My Best Quality: I am compassionate and driven. I work hard but also make sure to spend time with the people I love.
The last book I read: The Body Toxic.

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__APR 14 issue

I’m so highly immersed in the art world
right now. It’s totally become my career
and I was so happy to share that. It’s nice
to revisit the fan base and show them
what I’ve been up to...”

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