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Relationship Status:
Dream Job
: Stem Cell Researcher by day, poet by night.
My occupation:
Office manager and surgical assistant
Turn-ons: Confidence reinforced by intelligence
Turn-offs: A woman who doesn’t read or cannot hold a conversation.
Sensitive Body Part: My neck.
My Best Quality: My open-mindedness. I will never judge someone.
My mother thinks I: Can achieve anything I set my mind to.
Secret Fetish: Swords
I have a weakness for: Penetrating eyes and a coy smile.
I like to wear: As little as possible.
If you could have one super power, what would it be and why?: To fly, because I cannot think of any greater gratification than to be able to manifest my freedom in the physical world.
What breakfast cereal best describes you? Fruit Loops
If my life were made into a movie, my part will be played by:
Michelle Rodriguez
Most memorable date: Sneaking into different luxurious hotels on the beach at night with a guitar pretending to be hotel guests and randomly playing and singing around the pool deck or bars while strangers would gather and sing along. Later we grabbed a bottle of wine and went skinny dipping in the
ocean while admiring the stars...

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_SEPT 15 issue

I don’t need to be no. 1. I need to just do
things that fulfill me and make me happy
and hopefully connect with people
at a certain level.”

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