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Meet Morgan • Miami Beach, FL

Relationship status:
My occupation: Professional dancer and actress.
Dream Girl: Someone that is driven, independent and focused, but can also let loose with me when the time is right. I am very outgoing and love adventure in every way, but when I’m serious, I’m serious. I need someone who can be both of those things with me. I’m also a hopeless romantic and I love affection, so someone who can embrace that side of a relationship is a must.
I like to wear: Jean shorts, loose tank top and lace bra-let. My go-to outfit.
Dream job: Dancing for Britney Spears.
My mother thinks I: Am a pretty put together young woman, but she knows I will always have my goofy, wild side.
Turn-ons: Sense of humor, spontaneity, good work ethic and a nice butt.
Turn-offs: Laziness, cheesy pick up lines, not being nice to strangers (that kills me!).
My best quality: My dimples.
I first kised a girl at the age of: I think a lot of females are curious when they’re young. We all played spin the bottle, right?
Secret fetish: I’m a dancer, so naturally I love sexy outfits.
I have a weaknes for: Chocolate.
My favorite flower: Sunflower.
What cereal best describes you: Lucky Charms.
If my life were made into a movie, my part wil be played by:
A young Cameron Diaz.
My greatest accomplishment: Moving to Miami. It has opened so many doors for me.
My favorite quote: “Never, never, never give up.” —Winston Churchill

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__DEC 14 issue

...I’m in a fabulous place with my career. I feel so strongly about not letting the success of this
show change me and I’m grateful that it’s allowing me to continue on my path to change
the world’s ideas about butches.
That’s always been my job.”


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