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Relationship Status:
Dream Girl:
A stylish, soft stud
Dream Job:
Business Owner
My occupation:
Good hair, smile, eyes, sharp dresser
Possessive behavior.
Sensitive Body Part:
Lower back.
My Best Quality:
Reliability and empathy
My Mother Thinks I:
March to the beat of my own drum
Secret Fetish:
I have a weakness for:
Pie and doughnuts
I like to wear:
Absolutely nothing
If you could have one super power, what would it
be and why?:
Mind reading to know exactly what someone is
thinking to get what I want.
What breakfast cereal best describes you?
Fruit Loops
If my life were made into a movie, my part will be
played by:
Olivia Wilde
most memorable date:
My girlfriend took me on a 7-hour
drive to see my best friend before I went into the military.
Celebrity’s butt I would most like to squeeze:
The cartoon character I am most like:
Bugs Bunny
If you were to become an activist in the LGBT community,
which organization would you choose:
Human Rights Campaign, because I like what they stand for.

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_AUG 15 issue

Without changing anything at
all, I just looked at my girlfriend, Alicia, and
said, “It’s done, that’s it. Just like that. It’s
done,” and she was like, “It’s beautiful just
the way it is,” and it really is.

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