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Meet Keisa, Midtown Miami

Dream Girl: My dream girl is one who is unapologetically herself, passionate and driven toward her goals no matter what they may be. There’s something that kills me about a woman that carries herself with confidence.
I like to wear: Whatever makes me happy that day. That varies. Sometimes I like to feel pretty and girly, other times I like to be comfy, others I like to be a little weird and quirky. When I’m working, I love to feel sexy!
My pets: Luna Maria and Stella Sofia. They are a dog and a cat and truly are my moon and my stars. They both have first and middle names because they have a Latina for a mom.
Dream Job: My dream job would be to be a fire fighter. I have always had a passion for medicine and helping people, but I’m also athletic and active and firefighting is perfect mix of the two.
My mother thinks I: March to the beat of my own drum. I have always done things my own way. I’m blessed to have a mother who understands, accepts and loves that about me.
Sensitive body part: My heart. I tend to get my feelings hurt easily. I have had my heart broken a few times.
Turn-ons: Confidence, a genuine smile.
Turn-offs: Bad teeth and bad attitudes.
My Best Quality: I would have to say my best quality is my empathy. I feel for the people around me. I truly care and listen. I give whatever I can whether it’s a smile, a shoulder to lean on or my last dime. I’d give anything to those around me.
The last movie I went to a theater to se was: Unfortunately Transformers. It was terrible! But my little brother was here from Panama and I spent the day with him doing what he wanted. So bad movie, but great day.
Secret fetish: Possibly from bartending at a strip club for so long I guess I have a thing for stripers, but in the sense that I like to be the one to strip for my girl.

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