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Sara // Orlando, FL // Sagittarius
Dream Girl:
Someone that I can connect with on a deeper level, and can be myself around.
Dream Job: Celebrity Personal Trainer.
My occupation: Service Industry.
My pets: My Tail-less Kitten, Leonardo Ramonsito.
Turn-ons: Intelligence. Humor. Focused and driven. Confident and caring. Compassionate.
Turn-offs: Arrogance. Being closed minded.
Sensitive Body Part: My neck and back.
My Best Quality: I think I am a very positive person. Caring, determined, and focused.
Secret Fetish: It’s going to stay a secret.
I have a weakness for: My Grandma.
I like to wear: Anything that makes me feel comfortable and confident.
If you could have one super power, what would it be and why?: I would fly. I want to feel the wind in my Mohawk.
What breakfast cereal best describes you?
Wheaties. Only the best make the cover.
If my life were made into a movie, my part will be played by:
Zoe Saldana.
My favorite quote: “If you have discipline, drive, and determination…nothing is impossible.” – Dana Bailey
Celebrity’s butt I would most like to squeeze: JLo’s. I hope I look half that great when I’m 45.
The cartoon character I am most like: Johnny Bravo. For obvious reasons.
The strangest place I’ve ever been naked: I’m a risk taker, but my bod is for special eyes only.
The last movie i went to the theater to see: Fast Seven
French Fries, French Vanilla, French Toast or French Manicure? French Toast with extra syrup.
My greatest accomplishment: Becoming happy with who I am. Accepting and loving myself.
My coming out was: Interesting, to say the least. But I’m grateful for the support I’ve been given from family and friends.

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_JUNE 15 issue

The whole point of being an actor
is to transform. If people don’t understand
that we need to be malleable in our sexuality,
then I think they need to lighten up."

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