By: Denise Warner / Photos by Keith Major
Remember the amazing voice who provided the soundtrack to your coming out years? Yeah? Well now, the one and only Deborah Cox will be headlining Miami Beach Gay Pride April 10-12! I was thrilled to have the chance to speak with Deborah Cox about her latest hits, Whitney Houston, and her experience being a part of our queer lives.

You’re headlining Miami Beach Gay Pride this year! Are you excited? Are Pride Fests still as fun as the first ones you did?
I am! I’m really excited! I’ve never done Miami Beach Pride and I live here, so it’s extra special and you know, with all that’s happening in each state, it’s such a liberating thing to see people able to be themselves. It’s always amazing, the Pride festivals. They’re all equally exciting in their own way.
You’ve been doing Pride Fests for a long time. Gosh, I remember seeing you back in 2006 in Orlando, so it’s just dawning on me how much change you’ve witnessed. What a perspective you’ve had!
Yeah, to really see a movement have such a great impact—it’s been really liberating. I can remember not long ago doing my shows in these little underground clubs because everything was so taboo. Now, the festivals are huge, the clubs are big, and people will come up to me and tell me these amazing stories about how my music has helped them come out. It means so much to me.
Will you be singing your new song “Kinda Miss You” along with our old favorites? Whenever I want to get gay-stalgic I put on “Nobody’s Supp osed to Be Here” and re-live those dance club days, but I listened to “Kinda Miss You” and I felt that same rush. I feel like you make “memorymaking” music because we hear it at Prides and clubs, on the dance floor and with friends.

Awww! (laughs) Wow, thanks! Yeah, I’ll probably do a really long medley of my big hits and then I like to do a few obscure ones that were big in Europe. I usually can gauge what the audience wants to hear and plus my fans tweet me now. They send me messages and request songs and that’s so cool with social media being what it is. It makes each show personal and I love it.
Your One Wish album is iconic, so is it hard that when you come out with new music, we’re still clinging mercilessly to the older stuff?
Yeah, but I’m okay with that. I try to stay true to myself, but ultimately people will always want to hear the songs that changed their lives and I get it, that’s cool. I mean those are the songs that made their mark, that, like you said, made a memory. But people appreciate the new stuff, too. I, in turn, appreciate that they still come out and they still want to hear me sing and do a show, but yes, (laughs) they do get a little territorial about what they want to hear...

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    _APR 15 issue’s such a liberating thing to see people
able to be themselves. It’s always amazing,
the Pride festivals. They’re all equally
exciting in their own way."

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