By: Denise Warner
When it came to the end of the season, it was Michelle Chamuel who won our hearts on The Voice. She’s ready to wow us with her debut album, Face The Fire, releasing on Feb. 10. She Magazine had the chance to talk to Michelle about The Voice, her new album and (wait for it!) her relationship with one of our other favorite girls, Mary Lambert.

Were you prepared for how much being on a reality TV show would change your life?
I think it’s different for a competition show where there are eliminations versus just a reality show because if you only make it to the blind auditions, not much is going to change, you know? If you’re on for a few shows, you may try to prepare for what may come of it, but the farther you go and the longer you’re on, the more you become recognizable because your face is plastered everywhere.
(laughs) Then yeah, it’s time you start thinking about making your life ready for that
kind of change, but I’m honestly not sure how, mentally, you can do that. I think one of the things you can prepare is security. As in protecting yourself, like buying your domain name and stuff like that. Take the spaces that are yours because oddly enough someone will buy them and try to sell them to you! Or they’ll pretend to be you and interact with fans and press. So as far as preparing for how life will change, I think, maybe you can do some things. But, if possible, like for me- I try not to prepare too much. I try to stay chill and grounded and not look ahead too far.
Your debut album Face The Fire is due out on February 10th. I love the name and I feel like there’s a bit of a story there.
Yes, when I got together with my friends, Theo and Tyler, we were working on different tunes. There was this one tune they sent to me that started out as an instrumental nugget. The tune called to me. There’s this energy to it. I started to feel what it was and I started talking to them about what I was feeling.
Through that brainstorm session, Face The Fire happened from talking about what was happening inside me, like this fire that was burning in me. Everyone knows what it’s like to want to do something so badly, you can feel it. [It’s been a] learning experience because when something is burning inside you like that, there’s this pull to let it take over and consume you. It can get in the way of everything else. Finding a balance was really important and Facing The Fire is really about both sides of it. Funny, it ultimately goes back to your first question bout preparing for a successful career because it can be so demanding and you want to stay focused but also balanced.
You mentioned Theo (Katzman) and Tyler (Duncan), your collaborators. I read somewhere they are your college friends and former band mates.
Yeah, we met at college and we formed a band together. What’s cool is that we’re really hard workers. I mean, we were all there to work. The goal was to make an album. We had two weeks to write ten songs. It was a really tight schedule and we were there to get a job done. It’s great because we’re all friends. We did have a few nights where we were able to just hang out and have fun...

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