By: Denise Warner
She’s got the golden seal of approval from the legendary Indigo Girls! Meet one of
the busiest musicians on the circuit right now, Hannah Thomas—playing over 200 shows in just 18 months, this Americana Rocker girl will knock your boots off, in a “love at first listen” kinda way. Her CD studio release “Good bye on Wasted Time” will feed your country-rock soul and make you want a front row seat when she’s in town.

Hannah, you are everywhere! Seriously!
I know! (laughs) But, as of this moment, I’m in Denver.
Tell me about how your summer is going. You’ve been playing tons of Pride Fest ivals, haven’t you?
Yeah, I played Knoxville Pride with the Indigo Girls, I got to sing with Jennifer Nettles in New Hampshire and with Terri Clark this past May. It’s been a pretty wild ride! It’s been great!
You kind of burst on the scene! I remember someone told me to check out your music and by the time I did, you were literally rockin’ all of Georgia!
Yeah, I played Georgia quite a bit, then went out on tour and I’ve been on the road for about 2 years now.
I read that you’ve played over 200 shows in 18 months!
(she laughs) That sounds about right. Wh at’s it like to sh are th e st age with th e
Indigo Girls?! It’s pretty amazing! A definite dream come true. I been listening to them since I was 11 years ago. So, to go from listening to them in your bedroom as a little girl to being on stage with them…it’s like a crazy dream come true.
For lesbians, it’s like they’re our music gods. So, you’ve literally been to church with the Indigo Girls.
That’s exactly what it feels like!
And Terri Clark, country royalty…
Yep...proud moment, totally.
You must hear your music being described as everything from country to blues to rock, but how would you, yourself, describe it?
It’s a really hard thing to do. I’m definitely a rocker girl at heart. My heart is in the song writing, So, I basically say it’s Rockin’ Americana, because I’ve got country, punk and pop influences in it, too.
You must get such a great response at your live concerts.
My shows are really energetic, I love to include the crowds. They’re so much fun, everywhere I go.
What’s the panty factor been like? Any panties thrown on st age yet?
Panties? No, not yet but I hear they’re comin’ so I’ll be ready!
Oh, it’ll happen….first a bra or two, then BOOM…panties!
(laughing) Okay, I’m so ready!
Do you like being on tour? It seems hard being away from family & friends for so long?
It’s tough, sure, but I can’t complain because I get to see different places and faces from all over the country. Plus, with social media, Face Time and stuff, I get to keep up with everyone. I think I’ve been to like…27 different states, and I mean, really, not many people can say that, so I feel lucky and grateful. It’s actually always that’s cool to me...

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I’ve never sat down and written
'a lesbian song,' I just write about how I
feel. But, no, I don’t mind anyone describing
me as a lesbian musician."

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